Seclusion #4

Another week of social solitude.

So another post of my lonely family adventures.

This is another hair one....sorry peeps that do not have long hair.

This one is from the great abyss of social media.

All you need is clean wet hair & a housecoat tie.

The 1st one is a twist.

You take your wet hair & twist in in sections around the tie.

Basically making it a tight twist & you gather the hair like you would be french braiding. A little bit at a time.

I did do this one with damp hair not wet.

It would totally be what kind of curl you want depending on the dampness of your hair.

Once I let thee hair dry I took it out & BOOM!

Curly hair without any hot tools.

It did turn out a little more curly than I personally like. I am not big on a lot of volume in my hair. However, I would do this again maybe not as tight of curls.

The 2nd one is a braid.

Same as before, you take your wet hair & braid in the tie with your hair.

Instead of 3 sections to braid you only need 2 of your hair. The tie is your 3rd.

This one I did straight out of the shower in the am. Took longer to dry than my patience allowed, but I managed to do it.

I removed the tie once my hair was pretty much dry & BANG!

I have beach waves in my hair.

I again did not use any hot tools & I feel like my hair feels better than it has in years.

Minus the roots.....which clearly shows my 'vintage' highlights coming in.

I would do this one again too, only thing is I would do it at night so I do not have to look like a wacko Rapunzel.

What you need to know is that both of these are meant to do overnight & not during the day.

Sleeping with it in would be better than waiting for it to dry.

I am really enjoying the simplicity of trying these to my hair.

No straightener, no curling iron & no blow drier.

I think this is something that we all need to give a try.

I have a lot of hair, but it is not thick, & as I have gotten older I have noticed it has become more brittle. I do not want to be one of those old bitties that have to cut their hair short. I am not there yet!

I do want to have healthy hair, & that is one of those things that I have been working towards over these last few weeks.

Does anyone else have any little tricks they are willing to share?

I will pretty much attempt anything these days.

Even short hair tricks?

Or facial hair?

Or body hair?

The only way we can attempt these hair life hacks is if you share.

Give these a try & tell me yours.


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