Seclusion #5

What had we all had to give up?

Change is always hard to do, & it is the unknown that is always the most frightening.

I have like everyone else these days given up a lot, but like they all say: 'it is worth it'.

Things that I miss the most these days are my nails, hair appointments, & maybe the most important, friends.

There are others too like, date night, volleyball, & shopping.

My nails look ratchet & honestly haven't been this short in over 8 years & when they were this short, it was not a long lived moment. I have soaked, filed, torn, painted & did it all over again in these weeks. My fingertips have never had so much feeling....ever!

I am struggling to relearn everything from pulling up my pants, to scratching my ear. Taking out my earrings is even a challenge. UGH!

So really this may be the very 1st thing I do when this is all over.

I miss those nails like no other.

I call them my vintage highlights or the skunk tail.

Yes people, I am quite grey for someone this age.

I did totally take for granted the hair appointments to remove my 'old lady' roots.

All these celebrities are complaining & sharing their hair during these days too & well I feel for them, I can't help but think for us common folk it is a little more dire. Hair is one of our defining features. I mean we got personality too, but hair is what makes (well me) feel a little more youthful & desirable. Now for all you out there that have embraced this....I am happy for you.

It is amazing that we are all built different & confidence lies in us all uniquely.

I am pretty darn excited to get my hair done, & because of this I am going to do something crazy.

Of course I think we are all missing this one the most.


I can say that being cooped up in the house with just our fam, has been okay, but we all need interaction with others so we don't kill each other.

I miss card nights, or drinking, or volleyball or even just the neighbors (who are not my fave people).

I also think about what we will not have for interactions in the next few months.

My birthday party, friends Stampede party, a walk with our cooler full to our friends place.

I am very much a social creature & without other people around I end up spending my time with my cross-stitches & books....also with the TV & couch.

I even thrive on the moments of going through the Starbucks drive thru these days, just so I can talk to someone who is not the 5 of us.

One way we have combated this is finding our exclusion family. AKA a family that you have visited with that has had no contact with any other family. Here in our city & province we have been told this is okay as long as you respect the social distance rules.

Which of course we have.

They have come over for coffee a couple of times & fire time. We even camped together last weekend.

This has helped a lot! I suggest you find yours too.

There are also the ZOOM friend moments. One thing we all miss is our amazing American friends & my (not biological) American babies. My oldest son & I were going to go to the States to visit our American friends for his Grade 12 Spring Break, but of course this did not happen. We were both upset & a little sad.

However, there is always a way to see those faces you love so much.

We had a Cinco de Mayo Zoom Party. Yep all of us together.

This helped as they are all so very important to us.

To all my friends....I do miss YOU!

Coping is key in all of this & it is important to figure out how you can still live your life without going stir crazy.

One thing that is gone is our date night. Now, not that we did this often (maybe we should have) but we did in the summer have our football games & sometimes would just go & do dinner with a movie. So with that all changing we now have lunch every Sunday in the car.

Yes folks, we order pick it up & eat in the car without kids & have some alone time.

This isn't ideal, but what it is; is a way that we can support our local restaurants & community.

That & it is completely quiet.

Another thing I miss the most right now is my volleyball family.

I know that the season technically ended 2 weeks ago, but it still is really difficult.

We missed the last 7 weeks of it.

It was for me a major outlet.

I am at home, looking for work & writing. There was not much going out during my pre-pandemic life. So for me volleyball was an outlet far from my home life.

Basically what I do now is workout at home & make sure I get a ton of physical activity to take the lack of volleyball away.

This one is a huge one in my life.

I LOVE shopping. In every form!

This was my day before Covid:

Up, Dressed.

Kid Up, Dressed & Eat.


Drop Kid at School.

Shop or Errands.





Shop or Appointments.



Whatever the Evening Brought.

Now when I say shop, it could be clothes, to consignment, to grocery, to home improvement. It could be anything. It was shopping.

Now I know there is flexibility in our world with stores like Wal-Mart & Home Depot open. But there is something to be said about being able to go to a mall, to get face cream & not having to order it online & wait 45 days to get it. (Not Exaggerating)

Yes, there is the replacement of ordering online, but it isn't the same at all.

Trying on clothes, or the smell of Lululemon.....oh how I miss thee.

I have however found one thing that I have enjoyed a lot.


I am big on consignment shopping. I love those random one offs that you know no one else has.

Also I love the deals of it all. Lululemon is half the amount or name brand jeans are only a portion of what they are new. This to me is the shopping I miss the most & with Poshmark it has brought that back to me. The shipping is generally right on time, & the people who are selling these items are amazing in helping you. To date I have bought 2 pairs of jeans, 2 Lululemon Tanks, a hoodie, shoes & a pair of shorts, for all under $150. Yes this has curbed my consignment shopping issue.

I will eventually sell with them too & see how that goes, but for now I am just a shopper.

I know this seems like a pretty long post, but I wanted all of you to know there are ways around the crazy we currently live in.

Go have lunch in your car & support a local business.

Create a Zoom party for all of your friends you miss.


Shop online.

Do something that you haven't done before, but fits in the guidelines.

What I am trying to say is.... don't forget to live.

Just Another Life Hack from the Manic Funday.





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