Seclusion #7

Well today would have been the last day of Calgary Stampede 2020!

For a quick little summary of what 'The Greatest Show on Earth' is....It is a bunch of Cowboy, Cowgal, rodeo lovin people who come together & have a bunch of food, rides, games & BEER!

Basically it is all about the Heritage of the Wild West of Canada.

I personally do not do the Stampede itself.

I am a born & raised Calgarian with NO desire to go to the grounds.

To me, it is soo much tourism, money & people who like to think they can rope a calf (just teasing).

But what I do take part in every year is the massive Stampede Breakfasts they have through the city.

They are usually free & they are everywhere from your community center to the grocery stores.

So with NO Stampede, there is NO Breakfasts.

So what do we do as a family????

Create our own!

Garth in the background.

Sausages in the pan.

Pancakes on the skillet.

Hats on our heads.

And a Yahoo!

Or Yehaw!

Or whatever you prefer!

It is all about being the best Cow-Person you can be!

It isn't as ideal as if we went somewhere, but you know... you got to make do with what you got!

So if you are missing something that you normally have to do every year, every summer, every day, I am telling you that you can improvise & do it.

Nothing is holding you back!

Happy Stampedeing Everyone!




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