Seclusion #8

So it all started with a video!

My daughter & oldest son saw a video & decided that they wanted to make this!

A Beer Pong table!

Now I know what you are thinking!

Why on earth would I make a Beer Pong Table?

The answer is simple.

I didn't!

However, I did end up being an assistant for making the table.

This was all my daughter's design, colors & art.

I was just the person that helped her make this in time to take it back to University!

The process was incredibly long.

Weeks in fact!

There were sunburns, frustrations, and not enough great weather.

But it was fun, an adventure & of course something that was not a Covid - Netflix my a** getting bigger.

I may not use this, but let me tell you this was worth the effort & enjoyable.

And not to mention I do not even like Crafts!

What I am challenging all of you is that even though it may not be your 'thing', you should just DO IT!

Help your kid build something.

Remake something that needs a refresher in your home.

Make a craft that you have put off.

Anyone can achieve anything they put their mind to.

If I can do this, you certainly can do that project that you are wondering if you can too!

All you need is some music & ability!

And YOU all have that!

Here is the Finished Product!!





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