Seclusion #9

Okay folks!

I wrote about my crazy oddities the other day in my 'Eccentric! Yup!' post & here is another one of my little quirks!

We as ladies spend all this money on these wedding dresses & really it is all for one single day!

But why?

I don't know about all of you, but my dress cost about $1000.00.

All of that was before the alterations, veil & shoes.


What are we thinking?

I understand (only cause I have done it too) that we buy the dress for our dream wedding & want to feel magical & special for that one day. I mean the dress fulfills our childhood dreams of how we can be that Disney princess.

But again....why only for one day?

Well, I have to admit that I have worn mine several times.

I wore it for Halloween one year.

Where I went & got groceries, lunch, & Christmas shopping! I even wore it to walk the kids to school.

However, that is not the only time.

I had secretly worn it for years & years doing bathrooms, laundry & vacuuming.

Yes people I am a secret wedding dress wearer!

I was not going to let the one magical day for the dress stop me from being a princess every time I wanted.

And let's get real folks!

Who actually wears their mother's wedding gown?

I mean sure my daughter may borrow the veil, but there is no way she is going to wear my dress. She has her own style & taste, & the trends change too, which make realistically not her thing!

And that is why I had to get the most out of it as I could!

So because of Covid & the crazy world we are living in....I did it again.

I made some dinner, did some chores, & had coffee on the front steps.

Only 17 Years & pictures again, just like it is 2003!

Picture proof.....

It does not end here either.

My gal pals (cohort family) & me decided to have our daughters try on the wedding dresses of our past.

It was so comical to see the different styles from the previous decades.

How they have evolved from big & poofy to clean lines & heavy weighted!!

Yes! mine was less elaborate, but it was very heavy to wear.

Most of all it was just fun to see the daughters wear the dresses & hear what they had to say about them.

More Picture proof....

I know that I am speaking from a woman's point of view, but this works for men too.

They can put on a old suit, or a football jacket from their high school years.

Even go as far as adding something to their attire from their fathers generation before them.

Or even the ladies who have not gotten married yet.

Do your grad dress!

That also was a super big purchase for one day!

And maybe you don't 'fit' in your dress anymore!

But I bet you could easily put it on, maybe not done up, but accessorize it with a hoodie or cardigan on top?

I am not trying to make anyone depressed that couldn't wear it again. I am trying to say in the comfort of your home....YOU can UNLEASH!

You can do whatever you want.

So not only is this my crazy life.

This is me pushing you to do the same!

No one can see you!

Dress & Dance your little heart out.

I bet you that this will make you smile, laugh & generally create a wonderful moment.

Create a little happiness today!

PS: send me a pic if you are daring enough! Don't worry I wont post it!






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