Shallow Me

I am Shallow!

Yes I am!

I didn't notice that my husband's belly button was off center before I married him! If I had...I would have likely second guessed the whole relationship. Too late now! 20 years in so I guess I have to deal with it.

My youngest son was not a cute looking baby & I remember thinking, 'what will I ever do with him'. Don't worry people it was just a phase & he grew out of it & I love him VERY much!

I am the person that thanks people for their gifts with the politest manners ever & then turns around & returns the item. YES I do this!!! Not every gift but there have been a few over the years.

Honesty-shallow too! I was told to apply for a certain job not too long ago & even though it was out of my skill set & what I would be qualified to do I knew that it is just not for this princess.

Should I go on??


I cannot buy a knock off item. For example, I could buy workout leggings anywhere, but I can only buy Lululemon's.

I will always search out a good deal to get a name brand item. Like going to Ross's in the States to get Adidas shoes.

Here is the funny part about this.

I am not this way with how my husband & or my boys dress. Don't care on that front....weird??

My daughter though... Well she is all her Mama! We only want the best & the right name.

Was I born this way??

YES? Or maybe?

I am sure the environment I grew up in influenced this behavior too! Like not being able to get the designer items I cultivated when growing up in my fundamental years.

I remember when I was in Grade 5 & all my friends had the E-Sprit book bag. OH man did I want one soooooooooooo bad! So I mentioned this to my mother & well she made me one! Except she wrote on the pocket with puffy paint about being embarrassed. I returned to my old school bag from the year before as there was no way I was walking around with that type of knock off. I just would have liked what the other kids had!!

Or how I really would have liked some Levis 501 & the parents took me to Value Village to look for those jeans & of course I got a whole lot of knock offs. Just needed one pair...people....1 PAIR!

(Side-note: My parents were really well off but thought we should live like paupers.)

Okay so moving past all that!

I will admit that I am shallow. I will also admit that if I can't afford it or it doesn't work in the budget then I will not buy it. I do have self control in my shallowness.

I have been taking lessons on my shallow for years!

I loved watching The Hills & adoring all their outfits or how they talk or act….The lessons I have learned!

But I will always admit that most of my shallow lessons have been from the Kardashians!

Yes people I love & adore them all.

I know & do not want to take away that they are real people with real feelings. I know they have personal struggles as do the rest of us. I also know they have worked hard to be where they are & that they are more than the boujee outfits & designer bags.

But let me tell you that I adore 'Poosh' Kourtney's online magazine, I LOVE Khole's nails & organized pantry. I cherish that they all don't cook their own food (cause I HATE COOKING) & I love Kylie's car collection.

I mean I just soak it all up.

NOW... can some of this be a smidge of wishful thinking?

YES it can.

It could also be that I know in my heart of hearts that I will never get to that point of wealth but dreaming is sometimes all you got.

But I love the lessons they have taught me!

They have given me the realization that I can be me without having to explain.

They all have shown that we can be as picky as we want to be for something that we want or like.

Most of all they have taught me to love myself & be who I am meant to be.

Yes Readers…they have taught me all of this.

Realistically I knew all of this before I started watching the Kardashians, but they just proved my point.

I am not sure what I am going to do without them on my TV!

I guess I will have to find another show that feeds my super shallow soul.

Love them or hate them....they did something right!

I Love them…..

I will continue to be who I am with the likes & dislikes I have.

I will continue to write a list of gifts that must be met, no deviating from it.

I will continue to be me with this crazy quirk of who I am.

If you are in my inner circle then you know that I am all of these.

You also know that I do not shy away from letting everyone know how shallow I am or can be.

But if you are my friend, take note that I have you in my life cause I am shallow & I adore you for something.

Please take a moment to mourn the end of TV history.

The Kardashian's will be missed.

Or I will miss them.

Admit who you are! Do not hide it!

This is the whole point of this blog!

Be the person you were created to be....even if it is something most people wouldn't admit!

I am Shallow!!





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