She's EyeBrows in a TeaCup

I am an eyebrow obsessed lady! Not a lie even a little bit & here is why.....

It all started with the story of a young girl whose brows were shaped by the world around her (the 90's) & how she had battles, cries, self esteem issues, sorrow & eventually peace.

Yes folks I am a result of the Beverly Hills 90210 era of television. Hey, I didn't have much in name brand apparel, but I sure as shit could do my hair & make-up like dear sweet old Kelly Taylor. If you do not know who Kelly Taylor is then warning: this post is not for you as this is 100% a generational post.

OH the days when 90120 was on every Wednesday evening & the amazing characters helped shape my desire for trends & my appetite to look just like them. Of course I did not have the stylist to help me every week, or the professionals working on my face, but I did not fret as I knew I could achieve the same look as my wonderful friends in Beverly Hills.

It all began with tweezers.

I know...shocking right?

But yes that is where it began. On a side note buying box hair dye also helped achieve my best 90's yellow blond look!! But this is mostly about the brows, so focusing on that; lets keep going on.

I remember being 17, sitting at the kitchen table where there was the best lighting & plucking those eyebrows away.

Hey Wendy!!! Do YOU remember?

She should as she would poke fun at me for having the world's thinnest eyebrows. I should have listened to Wendy, but it was all about achieving the best Kelly look I could have. So onwards I went!!!!

I am not going to disappoint you here. I TOTALLY got the Kelly brows & solidified my place in the teens who were a part of the 90210 era!

But as the story goes on & the decade changed there became a point when I realized that the over plucked brow, just ain't the thing anymore. Damn the trends of my youth.

This is where the plight of my journey comes in.

I guess I lacked the forefront of knowing what thin ass eyebrows would prevent from my future. So the grow back began & it slowly became a dawn of realization that these two furry lines on my face that provide depth & perception to my face were NOT going to grow back.


Whose brows do not grow back?

Keep in mind that I am a young 20 year old now which means I have the inadequacy to understand the world of genetic make up. Hair grows on my head, I cut it often. Hair grows on my legs & I shave it often. So imagine the horror when I realized the brows I plucked were NOT growing back. This is the worst doom & gloom movie moment ever!!!!!

I was completely depth-less. I had no 3rd dimension to my face. It was as if I was a mannequin. A short mannequin, with some curves & stretch marks, but a mannequin nevertheless.

The journey of self esteem eyebrow issues started here.

I was always aware of my brows, how they looked, or their shapes, even the copious amounts of time I spent on them. At this point in the game of LIFE I grew to become a crazed fan over how they looked.

I began every day with the torment of looking at what I had left for brows & even sometimes crying about what I did to my face. Brow pencils became my best friends, time became my nemesis. I would even have full on panic attacks if there wasn't enough pencil left for me to do my brows. I would not let anyone take a glimpse of the ‘natural brow’ even to the point of my partner, my friends, my kids ... no one!! It was a eyebrow undercover.

For years, I admired people's brows. I envy them.

My 30’s were all dedicated to the best product, the time to make them & trying to never let the secret out.

Jealousy was fierce in me at that time. I was enamored with anyone who had eyebrows with hair. It was also at this time that the big brow was making a comeback & I was convinced that I was going to have to be that old bitty with the overdrawn on brows ... for the REST of my life.

It was also around the same time that I started to figure a few things out. Like for one is that I have VERY, VERY dry skin. I have an actual skin disorder. Which in turn means that my hair follicles on my face could not hold the hair therefore brows do not grow back. I would enjoy the same issue for my armpits, but that is not in the plan. But those brows...yep skin issues all over them making sure they don’t get plushy or have any length at all.

They just kind of fell out & never grew back!

At this moment I would like to take a moment & give a big THANKS to genetics!

And the other thing that I noticed as I aged was the hair for the brows may not grow where brows grow, but the one rouge hair could absolutely plant itself on my eyelid or in the middle of my forehead.


Literally UGH!

So once I accepted the truth that the actual hair wasn't going to be where I wanted it to be, I started threading the area around my brows. I mean the dear sweet lady 'shaped' them a bit, but when you got nothing to shape, why shape at all?? This however, was a very temporary relationship. Not for her lack of ability but for my lack of growing brows.

So here I am not only penciling & at that point powdering too, my brows every day for about 30-45mins! All of this so I could have a Kylie Jenner thick natural brow.

Let me tell you how hard some of those days were. When there is nothing there, I really was sometimes the old lady with overdrawn brows. I know I was & it pains me to admit it. Like a broken heart pain.

This is the point I became so obsessive that even when I went to get my hair done, I was adamant that when they washed my hair, they did NOT wash off my brows. I even took brow pencils with me for an emergency brow moment. Talk about missed place worry?

Kid crossing the street...nope not worried. Having no brows when I leave a hair appt...SO VERY WORRIED. (Just kidding, it wasn't that bad...all the time.)

Hey....this is just some of the emotional turmoil that I went through & justified or not, it is all about how brows can define a lifetime.

So as the years progressed a little more & life went forward. The lingering Brow Pencil from MAC was my old faithful & one true constant in my life. But this is also the time I started to hear rumblings about tattoo-ing eyebrows or for the more refined individual mirco-blading. Now can any of you say that you are surprised that I was beyond resistant with getting on another band wagon??? The new trend? Cause it went so well for me last time?

Well I was.Completely frightened!

It was one of those wagon rides that I had a whole bunch of fear of. Like who is going to PERMANENTLY tattoo on their face? For some, I am sure there is a whole lot of justification on why they tattoo their face, even when it comes to beauty microblading.

But for me it was a whole bunch of fear, but it could be a whole bunch of solution too.

Oh the dilemma!

When I thinned them effers off my face; it was I who did it!

When I penciled or powdered my brows on; it was again I who did it!

So how was I going to let someone else, to whom I just met or followed on Instagram touch my 3rd dimensional attribute? I conceded & went forward with quite a toboggan ride, nix the wagon.

I followed a person on the social media world for like ever (a year) & I decided that this was going to be my fairy godmother of reconstructing my brows. My love for her pictures on social media was fierce & I knew the connection was there. Appointment day arrived & she drew lines, numbed my face, & she started tattooing my brows.

This is the part of the story you think will be my happiest ever after....NOPE!!

The nightmare ensued.

All the fears I had about trusting this person & hoping they could make me look amazing were REAL!

I told her that I did not like the shape of the brows. She told me that is because I am used to seeing them only one way. I told her I had make-up artistry experience in knowing where the brow lines should be. She told me this is not the same thing. I began to cry as I was sure she was going to destroy my remaining brows & felt like she was not listening to me. She said TRUST ME!

So I did!

Worst decision ever!

They were uneven, not measured on my face properly, & they did not match. Now if you know anything about brows they saying goes like this. They do not have to look like twin sisters, but they do need to look like they are sisters. Needless to say mine when she was done & healed looked like 4th cousins 9 generations removed. OH did I cry!!

And the pinnacle of the saga continued....

I called, complained to the owner, over & over again & eventually the owner had the artist call me where we finally agreed that I wasn't happy & that was the most important thing.

So off I go AGAIN to get these brows done one more time.

This time however, it went a little more like this.

She said maybe you should get powder brows instead of microblading as this is what you have been doing. I told her I agreed. She then said maybe you should draw on your own brows so I know what you are looking for. I thought.... What am I paying for if I am doing the work? But I did draw them on myself.

Eventually I left & at least this time I didn't cry, but I knew I would not be back to her & this 40 year journey was not over.

After her faux-pas I was even more tormented & aware of my brows. The compulsion took over fiercely. Instead of having magnificent brows on my face I was now correctively fixing her work for almost an hour every morning. It all of a sudden became an overbearing hassle. The errors were there & now they were permanently tattooed all over my face!! Maybe a little over dramatic, but hey the whole blog is!

But to summarize the 1st experience of microblading. The brows were worse than before I got on that damn toboggan...I should not have got on!

So years pass, I adapt to my morning brow regiment & slowly I become a little more receptive to possibly fixing them again.

Had a few eyebrow artists that I followed & just sat back & watched.

Watching is the best when it comes to research & all I did was WATCH!

This time around I had a few requirements.

I wanted to go on a pony ride that was much easier than my previous wagon & toboggan rides. I desired a person who was capable of showing who they were besides the work they did. But most of all, I needed someone who could tell me nothing but the truth!

Hey, I apparently already drank the Kool-aid with the last artist, so I needed someone who could say; what flavour would you like & if that flavour even is available.


She was charming, funny, admirable, her kids are way cute & most of all her art was EPIC!!! However, before I placed the other shoe on my foot, I went out of my way to do tons of research. I read her negative reviews. I consulted my friend Jackie who was also enamored with this same brow artist.

But most of all....I sat back & watched & watched & watched.

Yes friends I might have possibly become a little stalker-ish through my research to see if she was the right fit & that is the most important feature in all of this. The best fit!

Although amidst a pandemic, I was able to enjoy my 1st pony jaunt with my newly brow lady. I did give up the stalker-like tendencies once we met that 1st time.

(And just so we are clear all my stalker activities just included her Instagram stories & her pictures she posted, never once did I know where she lived or went to her place of employment until my 1st appointment. So yes maybe I should say fascination, but stalker was the better of the two words as it depicts the desperate place I was in to have EyeBrows!!!!!)

The consult was our first time together where she was sooooooo honest about the state of my brows. Yep, the shape was a little off, the color was saturated in a blue tone & I totally needed them redone. She suggested the tattoo removal 1st. A process which in turn I needed a hot minute to think about. But she did not lie to me, was totally honest & completely understanding the WHOLE time I was there.

So leaving there...and the dilemma about the tattoo removal process was the biggest hurdle. It was with another small business & I am confident they are super capable & in fact they work on many of my new Pony ride Boss clients.

I just thought…..

One more new thing! Hey people, I am all about tattoo's & I am all about getting them removed if ya don't want them anymore.....BUT ON MY FACE?

NOPE just could not do it.

But you know you are on the best ride of your life when I tell her via messenger that I just can't do it & she is like; all right girl, lets just see what we can do!


Like I just scored the biggest goal ever! She was totally A OK with me not going that route & she was totally going to just try & she was honest about her abilities!

Who is this person??? Like really???!!!

So many eyebrow risks in 40+ years & one last suggestion that I did not have to do nor was I pressured.

Yes folks! I met my Brow Bomb Queen!

So onto booking the next appointment (which by the way is MONTHS in advance cause she is POPULAR) & where she would attempt to do her best to fix the color 1st, shape 2nd.

Just like when you kiss someone for the 1st time & you get all the butterflies. THAT is exactly what the 1st fixer upper appointment was like. She never once promised me the sun, moon & stars. She told me she may be able to give me a piece of the sky; aka she was saying I got you & I hope it works. But it was magical just like she floated down from the rainbow with her tattoo needle in hand. I could NOT have a better experience… ever! Off she went with her magical wand & color corrected. I know we bonded that day (well I did with her, but she is one busy gal that I am sure I was another client for her. No fault to her at all) which made all the research stalker worth it.

14 days later I saw the most beautiful brown color show up & the blue pigment was gone!!

Send her a pic of the brows, & even she is like....YES WE DID!

I mean she did & it was just my face....but YES!

Blue be gone, hello brown!

Don't you love it when someone falls into your life doing one of the things they were put on the earth for & you get to benefit from it??? OH I DO & I did get to reap the benefits.

Second appointment happens & same as before she fixes a little more color, trims up my shape of the brow &........ 20+ years later......I HAVE EYEBROWS!!!


I could say this over & over again!

Do you know how long I spend on my brows in the morning now? 5 mins!

Do you know that I can get out of bed in the morning & NOT have to do my face right away!

Yes this is all facts!


It may have taken only a few years to get here….but you know if you have that one person that can take away so much of your inner turmoil, why not utilize them.

If it were not for this one amazing Brow Babe….I would still be crazy as a shit house rat about my brows & a shy little turtle in letting the world see the real brow me.

Meet Ciara, the best Brow Babe ever….& also an all around great Lady!!

Brows_by_Ciara on Instagram….I will follow her for life.

Moral of the story is quite simple.

Don't pluck your Eyebrows.

Goodbye 90210.

Goodbye Mannequin.

Goodbye Hack Job.

HeLLO EyeBrows!!!!!

PS! Looking at the pictures below....Man do I get way better with age!

The Transition!





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