Thank You!

New Year; New Series.

I stated in my last post that I wanted to be grateful for people in my life. Some people have been mentioned throughout my blog some already but some have not. Those people who have been mentioned are the ones that I may write a little more about again. However, there are many people who have touched my life & I need to make sure that they know that without them there would be no me.

I will not be using their names to respect their lives. However I will be using first initials so that they know it is them I am grateful for. Besides they will know regardless.

I also think it is incredibly important for the soul to know what you are grateful for & from where it came from. There is a reason that these people came out to assist you in whatever it may have been. I do not want to lose that perspective on my life. I always want to be able to acknowledge the help from others.

It may have been something as simple as a listening ear.

It may have been a sort of action.

Whatever it is, these people have a lasting effect over me.

And there are so many of them.

So here is my challenge to you......

Try to take a moment each day & take note of a person that deeply filled your soul.

Be grateful for that person.

Tell them if you can.

If we can give to the universe the things that we are grateful about there is no reason that the universe will not give it back to us.

Try this friends & readers & let's see where this journey leads us.





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