Thank You Series ~ No Life Without You

I wasn't sure where I wanted to start this series. There are so many random chance meetings or people that I have known over the years that I want to give a Thank You to.

So after some thinking, I went with the most obvious place to start.

The Beginning.

My Birth Mother.

I do not have a relationship with her at this moment. She has struggled through life with some serious issues & of course we have little to no commonality.

I do have one thing from her though....Life & for that I am Thankful.

I have heard a few versions of my adoption story & I may not know really what the details of it are, but I do know I was 2 weeks old when I was adopted & that originally my Birth Mother was going to keep me.

Although my adoption tale has been complex & full of a roller coaster of turmoil, I know that is not what any of my birth family wanted for me. My birth family wanted the best outcome, & it may have not been the best, but it has been a journey. It was the path I was supposed to live.

While we were camping last summer, I had a friend that asked if I ever wonder what my life would have been like if I wasn't given up for adoption? If I was mad at my Birth Mother for the adoptive parents I got were not ideal?

My answer went like this.

I am not nor have I ever been mad at my Birth Mother for the life I have lived. It is not her fault at all. She gave me life & for that I will always be grateful. My life is today what it is & is meant to be. I am blessed in so many ways compared to the lack of others..

My other friend said, 'no she is asking if your life would have turned out different or better', & again my answer was similar. I understand what she is asking, but there is no reason to play the what if card when it comes to how I grew up. I never knew what life would have been if my Birth Mother had kept me. So I do not have a comparison. My life growing up was the life I was supposed to have & live.

Both of my friends understood what my answer was trying to convey.

There were times in my younger years where I was mad at my Birth Mother for giving me away (that is how I would word it so it sounded harsher). But this was before I knew her & understood what having a child at 15 can do to you. For this I cannot blame or punish her. I am now not mad or punish her for trying to give me a better life.

I haven't lived the ideal life. I did not have adoptive parents that accepted me or understood who I was to be. But this is not my Birth Mothers fault. I will not condemn a 15 year old for the life I have experienced. She made a choice & we all have had to live with her decision.

I will, however Thank her for giving me life.

I will make sure the universe knows that she gave me the best life she could have hoped for. She didn't know what I was going to go through, hardships or happiness, but I get to sit here & write, breathe & smile all because she made a choice to have me.

Forever I will be grateful for her.

Today I Thank my Birth Mother.

Try to thank someone in your world today.

Let them know that you would not be the person you are without them.





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