Believe Series...Coming Soon!

This is just a precursor to a post that will be coming soon.

It will be a series of blogs about the life I have experienced from my childhood, to where I am today as an adult.

People say 'Everything Happens for a Reason', & although there is some truth in that, there are also the choices we make as humans that reflect who we become.

Choices are those that define the reasons behind what happens.

I have made decisions that have reflected upon my life in both a positive & in negative ways.

This will be my hard truth as to where I am, who I have become & why life has created me.

This will basically be my story.

My journal from beginning to now.

My truth of what has happened to me to bring me here to this point.

I want to empower all people to acknowledge the weaknesses to the strength of who they are & who they can be.

Only by telling my truth can I really make an impact on others to do the same.

I will be honest in saying this will likely be the most difficult thing I will do on this blog.

As I have mentioned before, self reflection is always the most difficult thing to do, as it means you have to admit fault & know what you have honestly done in your past.

Be patient with me.

These will not be able to all come out at one time.

Even as I write this, I create a bit of anxiety & depression in knowing I have to revisit these emotions, thoughts & memories.

But I cannot make a difference in someone's world without telling this story.

You may not like me after.

You may not like what I have to say.

But in all fact, I cannot heal or grow without this.

Growing is the most important part.

Hopefully, you all embrace my hard truth & we can do this journey together.

I recently had a friend reach out after years & years of not talking (other than liking each other's pictures), but she said, 'I think all women & people need to hear your story'.

I hope she is right, cause it will all get a little raw soon.



Create Adventures!

My Hard Truth will be here soon.....





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