The Karen

Yes my name is Karen.

Yes I lie to people on occasion about my name.

Yes I apologize to some people about being a person named Karen.

When did this shit about the name ‘Karen’ come about?

I mean I don't even understand why Karen can be a name with such a negative meaning behind it. The name above all names that somehow means that means really I am a self righteous bitch.

Let's be real here too friends.

If I am a Karen & I indeed act like a ‘Karen’, that scares me too. It means that the name & the meaning are hitting the nail on the head. A Karen who is a ‘Karen’.

I heard about the 'Karen' name a few years ago & well when my husband found out about it he only had pity in his eyes. I mean why do I need to be pitied? It wasn't like the title of ‘Karen’ was me who started it.

This may be a good time to say if you do not know about the ‘Karen’ trend; then you need to google it!

Moving on….

We were camping & a lady was complaining & asking for the manager about an issue with her campsite. She told the desk clerk that her name was Karen, & my youngest son practically choked on laughter. When we left the office he was sooo very happy to see an actual Karen being a ‘Karen’.

Do you see what I mean?

I don't want to be a Karen & then be a 'Karen'!

We switched our phone plans just before Christmas & the old phone company called me shortly after & they wanted to know why we switched after 10 years with them. I was honest, blunt & maybe a smidge bitchy about it too. I went on to explain that it didn't matter who we were with, it is all about the 3 (maybe4) phone monopolies that control our world in Canada. I also in this conversation said that I was sorry for acting like a ‘Karen’, but I am a Karen by birth. I am sure the poor guy who saw our names on the account knew this could get a little harsh, & I am sure he laughed with his friends after about talking to an actual ‘Karen’. UGH....yes folks I even warn people that this Karen is going to be a ‘Karen’.

I don't even understand the justification that the people around me use to try to make me feel better. Like our friends that we vacation with. They said well we are not going with a 'Karen' we are going with our Karen. How does that make it better? My name is still Karen!

Or my sons who are like: You don't have the 'Karen' haircut or the ‘Karen’ car! How does that even apply? I mean there are many women who do not have the 'style' of a 'Karen' but they are still labelled a 'Karen'.

You know when I was 14 I tried to change my name to my middle name. I wanted to be called something that I thought was beautiful. Karen in my mind was not a pretty name. I knew then that it would come & haunt me. Should have changed my name!!

When I try on clothes somewhere that is on the social media ball like "LuluLemon", they will ask my name for the change room door & most of the time I use another name. I mean I have been given the side glance a few times that I have said that my name is Karen, & then I feel the need to apologize for my name. The only issue with using a pseudo name is whatever name I give them they generally ask that name how they are doing & I do not answer as the fake name I gave them isn't mine. So that causes a bit of a problem.

Now before this name fiasco began, I really had gone ‘Karen’ on a few people. Like who hasn't!

There was this time when we as a fam jam were shopping & lone behold I got really mad at these sales people as they had no idea what was on sale & what wasn't. Soooo at that moment I was authentic to the name. But this was before 'Karen' became all the rage. So at that point when I left the store I was just a cow.

I guess there is an up side to all of this.

A small slight one….

I am much more cognitive of how I treat people as I do not want to be perceived as a 'Karen' even if it is my name. I am more polite, & respectful. I just do not want to be seen as that type of person, so I try my best to be a Stacey. There is nothing attached to a name like Stacey.

But don't get me wrong the ‘Karen’ is still there. Especially when you toy with my kids. That tiger 'Karen' will take you out if you attack my cubs.

I have a little justification on why women over 40 act a certain way. On why they have been labelled ‘Karen’.

The type of 'Karen' was created by a different world that we live in now.

When I was younger & worked retail they taught us that no matter what the customer was always right. They could argue until they were blue in the face & we as the sales clerks had to give into the demands & give them what the customer wanted. YES people this is how customer service was for years & if you weren't aware everyone feels entitled on some level these days. So learned behavior, & a sense of entitlement means ....


People like the negative perception of 'Karens'.

I mean being named Karen doesn't change this for me. I feel entitled in some situations. I have stepped into a store & blown a fuse in certain situations. I have treated people poorly, I have talked down to people. I also have lost my cool for some certain style of poor customer service. Sooooo.....does this make me a ‘Karen’?

Maybe...but I think this makes me human. I think it makes me want the same respect that I give.

I am not sure who started the name game with 'Karen', but I would love to have a chat with them so I can say...Can't we just call her a Bitch?

Why do we have to give her a name like 'Karen'?

I can tell you this much though.

Friends may justify the name with me.

They may tell me their 'Karen' stories.

I would however prefer to be known as a Bitch than a 'Karen' & I am a Karen!!

What does that say???

Go with it friends.

Karen or Bitch???

Lemme know!





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