Hey Everyone,

Hope you are holding up well in the land of social distancing.

This is for all of you that take the time to read these posts.

I think it is time that I ask for some feedback. As you know there is no blog without readers. I am grounded by how hard it is to get readership. I honestly thought when I started this it would take all of a month & this would be booming. I figured that we (you & me) could have so much fun watching ths become a mega form of entertainment. However, that has not been the case, & I am still struggling to get the following that I would like.

There are a few things that I desire for this blog.

One: is that all of you are actually getting something from all this. That I am making an impact.

Two: I was wishing that this would lead to another adventure for my life. One that would make me happy & content in what I am doing.

I do have some wonderful friends & family who are the ones who read & comment on my posts. They are truly keeping this blog alive. I also have friends who like my Instagram posts & they too deserve a warm & fuzzy hug. But even though I have them, it is all the other people I was hoping to touch that I am still not getting to. Is there something I could do differently? Is there something you would like me to write about? Is there something I am missing in all of this? Do you have any input at all about what I could be doing differently?

I like the moments when I get humbled. I am very much a person who is impatient, & I am all for immediate gratification. So the waiting game, that makes me humbled & forces me to realize that I have to be patient does remind me that there is a lot out of my control.

What is in control is that I can have all of you let me know your thoughts. I can only grow with you. Without you I am doing this for me alone.

I want to quickly add that I am grateful for all of you that have taken the time to read. I don't think you all know how much it means to me.

Give me your feedback folks! I need it!




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