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Tis' the Season!

Christmas, Christmas time is here.... FINALLY!

I am not sure about you, but in our home Christmas is one of the most favorite times of the year.

Although this year is going to look a little different with no friends or family to spend it with, it truly will be great regardless.

As a young child Christmas 'was' a big deal but it was also a huge let down. I always thought I would get what was on my list. However, I rarely got what I wished for. But isn't it funny that every year I started again with all the hope that I would get what I wished for? I did not ever sway from believing that I would.

I can tell you that as years passed & as I got older, this did not change one bit. In fact even though I hoped for the best, most of the time it was never what I needed or wanted it was a dish served as punishment.

Let me explain.

If I did something that made my mother mad (which happened often) she gave me items that were random & of no use. So when I left the house when I was 16, I was invited over for Christmas but got items that for a 16 year old made no sense & helped my life none. A nativity set, potporri & a candle. None of these made any sense in my 16 year old mind, & I had to watch my siblings open their gifts which were more in abundance. But I made my bed by leaving the house hence the punishment.

But this did not change my faith in my parents or in the magic of Christmas. I still had hope & faith that maybe next year will be better.

Now I do want to make it abundantly clear that even though I had no purpose for those things back then, I still have the nativity set & I use this every year, to this day.

Funny if you think about it.

Certainly did not want it as a child (teen) but like it as a mid life woman!

But all of this set up the precursor for our Christmas here with my kids & spouse.

I always, no matter if they have disappointed me or the purse strings are tight, get my family items they have on their list. What is gift giving if you get them things they do not like or do not want? There is no way that I would use gifts as a form of punishment.

Who does that? I know who does.

Christmas is not about control or maneuvering through changes you cannot control. Although I should be scrooged, as this is the world I grew up in.

I am not!

As the years progressed the gifts were still items that I had little or no use for. Sometimes my mother would shock me & get me things that I wanted. Heated Blanket, Crock-Pot or long underwear, the only 3 I can really recall, but for the most part it was something that I had no reason to have.

When our children were young, we would put them to bed, stuff their stockings, sit on the couch, have a drink & just chat.

I know this is mean what we used to do, but it was always a great laugh.

We used to play, guess the gift from my parents. My husband & I would pick a present & we would guess what they gave us & then open it on Christmas eve. The best was the one year my spouse picked a box & he shook it unsure of what it was & then opened it to only realize that they had given him frozen cookies. Yes! Frozen COOKIES! Basically she made cookies at some point through the year, froze them & then gave them to my husband for Christmas.

OH the laughing that entailed from this.

We always gauged who was in the bad books from the gift they got at Christmas or Birthdays. That year it was him. The bad seed. I told you mean, but it was fun.

It is odd to think back to all of that now. I mean she did what she did for reasons unknown to me; even to this day.

But it did create memories.

Thinking back to all of it now also enlightens me in my positivity. I had hope as a child even though I knew that there was likely going to be a disappointment. I had hope as an adult even though I knew it was not going to be for me.

As I write this, I think I am not even sure she knew me. My favorite color, animal, clothing, what makes me laugh, I don't think she could answer these. Or maybe it was because she didn't want to know me, which in turn creates another whole new post.

Regardless of what it was, these times in my life did not taint me.

Life teaches you all sorts of things, & Christmas for me was no different.

As a parent things change & we realize that the excitement that our little kids had by the 25th, is worth more than anything. Seeing their faces light up as a mother when they get that one thing they wanted more than anything else, is worth it all.

It is almost like the magic comes in a new way as you age.

It isn't always about the presents under the tree or the gifts you receive but it is about that feeling you get of something magical happening around you.

As of December 1st (today) Christmas barfs all the decorations in my house & the season of fun & excitement comes. My daughter comes home & all my chicks are back in the nest. The light displays we drive by with warm candy cane hot chocolate in our hands. The fun & laughs with games. The wrapping of presents only for my husband to guess correctly what he is getting (it is his superpower). Cookies; the only time of the year I make any. Christmas movies like Die Hard (yes people it is a Christmas movie). These are just a few of my favorite things.....

Regardless of what your memories dictate.

It is all about your approach to them.

Remember that magical feeling you had as a child.

Do not forget that there is always a way to create that butterfly feeling within.

Tis' the Season to be Jolly!





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