Just Another Manic Funday

And this is just the start......

I will let you know that there is a lot to be said about being Happy.

Some people think it is Money....some think it is Faith.

But I have done some major soul searching these last few years & I truly believe my happiness & yours can be to do what it is you LOVE!

I love to talk to people, anyone really & especially people I don't know who have a story to tell. I love to explore things that other people are afraid of or won't try. But I love more than anything: Writing! So why not pull it all together & do what makes me Happy!

Yeah, I just did!!!

So to really get into this welcome wagon, let me begin with the title & why I chose it.

Just Another Manic Funday: We have been asked 'How was your day?' & we generally have answered 'it was just another day'. That is a totally justified answer, & I have lived many 'Just another days', so why not begin with that. Today is Just Another!

When it comes to Manic I want to be clear this is not to downplay or diminish the world of anyone's mental health. The Manic part is to play on the words of Just Another. It is to help realize that you can have more than just another day with anything possible. It is more or less a way to make it the best part of a Funday.

Then there it is; Funday! You don't have to go to Everest or buy a new fancy car to have a Funday. The Funday is meant for you to have a story for your day! Every day should have a factor for it to be more than just another, or manic (stressful), it is meant to be fun! Start by singing in your car, or screaming at the tops of your lungs for no reason. It will make you smile, it will make you giggle and it has created....

Just Another Manic Funday!

I was laid off almost 2 years ago & have worked casually here and there. During that time period there were some major changes that I endured & made me a little bit of a chaotic goop.

  • I hit 40 aka mid life mess

  • My daughter moved away to school

  • I found a lump

  • I lost my direction

  • Therapy

  • & I was not where I thought I would be at this time of my life

These were just some of the challenges I faced, & I will be super honest with you. It has been rough, terrible & extremely hard to find my direction. But, I have found a path & now you can follow me on this journey and hopefully create your own. This adventure we are going on is going to be me with you & I am supporting you through whatever you want, whatever you need!

I am going to help build you up! We all suffer from self-esteem issues. F**k them! Let's live free & our best life. I am here to empower all people! Take a step in your direction, forge your path. BE the BEST YOU!

I mentioned that I want to hear tales from people. Some of them I know and some I have just met, but I need to share how these people have made their smiles, and created their inner happiness.These wonderful souls will tell us their struggles & what made them take the bold step into their best world. How did they fundamentally change their outlook, to their lifestyle, to pursuing their dreams, and how they have created their own Just Another Manic Funday. They are doing what they love, so let's learn from them and we can achieve our own drive to smile.

I won't pretend that I know everything and or even a lot. But I can certainly provide us a few details on Life Hacks. I am going to try to provide you with little pieces of knowledge that I have & or know. This will likely be the bloggish type of the Just Another Manic Funday. Waiting on bated breath....here are a few titles coming your way.

  • Thrift Shop

  • Regrets

  • All in the Picture

  • Style Loss

  • Parenting

  • Life Partners

These & many, many more. I got you! Something fun to read & to love. Also if there is a question of your own that you wanna know, there is a ask me button that I can answer. HIT THE BUTTON!

Of course there is one more thing we need to cover in this crazy little adventure that we are all going on....I am the proverbial Millennial Karen. If you don't know what that is, Google it. But this part is going to be my stories. The ones I can share with you & so you can see it isn't always roses when it comes to my pictures & or posts. This is Karen being real with the Karen truth!!

I want to see you live your best life! I want to empower you to do what makes you happy! I want to see you learn & I want you to know you got the support you need!

Start NOW! Just Another Manic Funday!

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