Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out

I know that I am uniquely my own person.

I am Crazy.

I am Brash.

I am Bold.

I do not fit the Box.

& Most of all....I am unique to me!

Crazy is a word that I associate with things that I do, that no one else will do.

For example: When in Vegas, go around hugging & giving high fives to all the guys you think are hot. Yes I did!! I was with 5 other women & they all did the eye roll & laughed while I was doing this. But it was fun & worth it. Literally, I will do some crazy things when I am left to my own mind.

Another Crazy example is on the same trip, I met a few guys from Finland. The one was super tall. Like unbelievably tall. I asked him how tall he was, & he replied that he was 7'2". So my response was (warning this is explicit) 'I could give you head without bending over'. To this his face was frozen with a shocked look & my poor friends I left there to talk to were a little baffled as to what to say.

Literally, I will do some crazy things when I am left to my own mind.

Brash, I think, is one of the perfect words to describe me.

I generally leave my mouth on the floor. I think honesty is the best policy & the delivery of it is to be truthful versus being coy. Why is it when people ask you a question, you always tell them what they want to hear, or you tiptoe around the actual answer?

This one I don't do very well with. I am honest to a fault & although I don't want to hurt feelings, I don't think lying to make them feel better is doing anyone any favors.

A story for brash; Once I was approached by someone in our old church that told me all my tattoos were against the word in the bible. Really, I just stared at them with a "really" look. He then asked how I felt about being a person that goes against the 'word'.

To this, I looked at him & said 2 things:

- 'The Bible says " Your body is a temple & you should adore it." I adore it more with the accessories of my tattoos & piercings.'

-'It is people like you that give our faith a bad name, when we cannot accept all people & they way they choose to live their lives.'

Needless to say, he did not like how brash I was in my response, & in fact he & I remained to not see eye to eye for many many years. I was only honest in my reply & it was not snarky or rude, it was my opinion about how he thinks. To be fair though, I am sure I could have delivered it differently, but my point was made & there is sometimes no reason to sugar coat these people.

BOLD! Yeah that is me!

There is nothing about me that isn't bold.

I am not shy.

I am not quiet.

I am not reserved.

Before I was a wiser adult, I was a lost teen with an endless amount of respect for people who could be 'who they wanted to be'. Back in those days it was people like Madonna, Dennis Rodman, & Eminem. They were out there making the world with their impressions of who they are without fitting into the mold. I am very similar, except I do not have the fan base, unless fame is brought to you by your family? Then I do have a fan base (LOL). These stars were not about being someone they weren't, they were nothing but standing out. The shock factor is another thing I loved about them. They just did it, & the fallout was epic with the ability to gain more respect from the world & me.

I thrive off of the same.

There was this one time that I was just sitting there waiting for a meeting to start. Two ladies were sitting beside me & were mentioning that they did not envy me for having to stand up in front of everyone to speak. Both kept going on & on about how they didn't even know what to say to people in a one on one situation nevermind the large group type of situations. I laughed & told them, always start with something shocking, & everything you say after that they will just sit there in awe. Both of them looked at me like I was crazy.

(Another disclaimer on explicit content here.)

It was then they questioned what I was saying with very quizzical looks. I looked at them & said, 'My nipple is pierced, & I sure do enjoy it.' The gasp from both of them was immense, but they then giggled & realized that I had just done the shock factor to them both. In fact they were like, now I don't know what to say, but you have my attention.

I do have to mention that when I spoke at this meeting my shock factor was much lower on the scale, I did not use the ring to start with.

But this is what I am talking about. All the people above that I mentioned, had the shock factor in their lives & it worked for them. It hasn't let me down either.


You do not have to be like everyone else.

I love to get new INK!

I love the smell of the piercing place.

I love watching people gasp.... it is because they are thinking, 'If I could only be so bold.'

Madonna danced in front of a burning cross & a pointy enhanced bra.

Dennis Rodman had all the visual accessories that normal basketball players did not have at the time.

Then with me, I am who I am with no shame in the character I am meant to be.

Why place yourself in a box?

If I could choose the type of box I would be, it would not be square & it would not be cardboard....basically not a box.

My youngest son has ADHD & a high IQ & I have had to tell all his teachers for years to not place him in the box. Let him be his own person.

This is harder than it sounds. Some teachers have been great, but some lack the ability to see his potential & force him into a box. The results of the box, well he doesn't do what they want from him & therefore making it frustrating for all of us involved in his world.

The biggest issue for these types of people is.....

We all live in a conformist world.

You must conform.

You must be like everyone else....you must fit in the box.

Don't get me wrong, I am very much a person that likes trends like fashion. However, I also know what I am willing to try or do. There are admittedly things that I just won't get on a bandwagon with. There are also things that I enjoy just like everyone else. However, I am clear cut in what I like versus what I don't & almost all the time it is what I want to do, rather than what everyone else is doing.

I dance while I am in the washroom, using the facility.

What does that look like you ask?

Sitting there with pants down....I swing my legs in all sorts of different directions.

Why do I have to 'go' like everyone else? I DON'T!

Or something like dancing down the alley. I just do it because I want to. There is video proof of this too.

There are always some things you don't have a choice with for being in the cardboard cube, but to define you, look for something else.

I can say that I am uniquely my own person.

I know that.

There is no one else like me.

There are people similar to me, but none built exactly like me.

I enjoy a good time.

A life of laughter.

Trying New things.

A bold statement.

A brash moment.

A box free life.

All of these can be you too. Maybe not as 'out there' as my mother used to say. But be confident in who you are & who you are meant to be. There is no shame in being quiet or shy. There is no shame in liking something no one else likes. There are amazing things about being a person who is not like the other.

You do not have to be like me.

You do have to be who you are supposed to be.




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