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Yet Another Year

Today is my 43 Birthday!

I needed to do a small reflective blog to just remind me of what I have & what I am grateful for.

I am not big on getting older.

The fine lines.

The age spots.

The sagging skin.

I miss being young & peppy.

I miss the youth.

But what I have now may out way the naivety of my younger years.

I have knowledge.

I have abilities beyond my childhood dreams.

I have a great little world.

I also have this ability to share with all of you who I am, what travels in life I have been on.

I have a great little wacky family that makes me proud & gives me an amazing amount of laughter.

Last year at this time, I was wearing a mask.

One that everyone knew who I was but they did not know what I was going through.

I could not find any happiness in life & was very lost.

Although a year later those feelings creep right in.

The mask is something that I physically have to wear not figuratively.

I am doing what I love.

I love writing to all of you.

I have found my forever therapy.

In all of this Covid mess I had convinced my family that I was not going to have a birthday this year, but instead celebrate what the 'day could potentially have been'.

That way I would avoid

gaining a year.

I would be 42 for one more year.

Reality is though, NOPE! Regardless about how I feel about my age, I am getting older.

It will be okay though.

A new year means new dreams.

New chances.

New adventures (that you will come on).

A new year with endless opportunities.

I have had my moment this morning where I thanked God for the world around me & asked him to carry me forward this upcoming year.

I guess 43 will be okay, but one thing is for sure.

I am so very glad that you are all here with me.

Thanks for supporting me & all of your love (even if you are only people I know).




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