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You Don't Get the A** You Want By Sitting On It!

So here it is!

The ass changing moment!!!!!

The 90 Day Challenge!

The change can only come within!!

In years past that I have done this 90 days & I have competed against strangers, family & even friends.

This will be my 4th time doing this style of challenge & I am looking forward to being in a little bit of a happier place with my mind & my body.

However, this year is a smidge different from the years before....

But wait...lets review why I am doing this again!!

For a 4th time you ask?

Well the reason I am doing this again is that I have noticed over the last few months that my brain has gone to the dogs...actually I think the dogs are smarter than me right now. There is a whole lot of brain fuzz & just no desire & some serious sads. For me & I am not sure about you but for me all of these things go away when I move my body around. Yes the endorphins give me the happy feels. Goodbye sads hello happys!

Different than before as I & many of you have 'added' some serious Covid weight. It has been especially tough over these last few months of winter & extreme cold. Food is yummy, sitting on my ass watching TV is fun, making dinners full of gross yuckiness & deliciousness is the best. But with spring knocking on the door & summer to follow I figured it was time to make an effort to feel better about myself. I am not going to lie either but the weight has affected my health (with other compounded factors) & so the best I can do for me is put forth the effort of what goes into my mouth & try to sweat a little.

I only had Volleyball one night a week up until the end of November, but let me tell you that one night was a huge deal for me.

I was out.

I was active.

I was social.

It truly was my favorite night of the week. The stimulus I got from running around, throwing myself on the ground like I was 16 all over again, WAS EPIC! It was fundamentally important for my mental health to as I am home all day with little to no interaction with other people & this gave me my one night I was out & along with the physical side of it I could not but help that I was in a better frame of mind Tuesday mornings. I although usually hurt bad the next morning because I was playing like I was going to the Olympics (just kidding not that talented), but it was all worth it as it made me feel better about myself in many facets.

With Volleyball gone, no ability to walk outside & refusing to use my weights & treadmill at home, it was no surprise that I added a few pounds & felt flabby & depressed more than usual.

I was not the only one in this house that has experienced the same effects of Covid. The other one, ate as much as possible, slept whenever possible & basically had NO workouts to think of. So why not add a partner to the challenge to make it a little bit more exciting.

My furry partner in this 90 days is our cat Minney.

Minney has had a profound weight gain during this time. She is almost as round as she is long (that is a dramatically exaggerated truth). However, she is 16 lbs & will eat a whole can of wet food on her own & has no comprehension of sharing with our other cat Perry. My dear sweet husband wanted her to have 'wet food' & although on some level it is wonderful to spoil the cats, on the other hand it is that the wet food he bought was really bad stuff. So obese she is & it is time to lose the weight.

Quick Minney history.

Our daughter found her in a Campground where she was abandoned by her owners. She was roughly a year or so old. So of course we brought her home as my husband & children are suckers for all things cats. If you don't know, an abandon cat means that they are all about the food. There is no restrictions as to what they will eat & the quantity of it. Our other cat Perry to who we have had since he was 4 months old loves his dry biscuits & will only eat until he is full. Wet food for him is okay…. but he will eat until he is full & then walk away. However, this is where Minney comes in & will eat all of his & hers & will still eat more. Stray cats are great, except they are food driven!

I also want to mention that we know we did this to her as she does not have the thumb to open cans. But after talking with other cat people we know how to handle the wet food, treats & the amount. But before we can do that we need to get her on a regiment & nothing like a 90 day challenge.

So Minney & I are in it to win it!

What does she get if she wins?

A Can of wet food (better brand).

What do I get if I win?

Nothing but peace of mind & happiness.

You gotta do what you need to do to make life better.

With the sun returning to the evening & warming up there is no reason Minney or I cannot do this.

I will go for walks in the evening (maybe even a run) & she can climb our trees.

I will work out & make wiser choices for food & well because Minney is a cat I can make food choices for her & well her working out is sleeping on the back of the couch. Maybe we need to work on that a little...wink wink!

It is always a choice to do things to make your life better & for Minney & I that is what we are trying to do.

I think it is important to say I don't need to be a teeny tiny gal, but I do need to watch how I live & the food I put in my mouth.

They do say…. You Only Live Once!

Friends, I challenge you to try to do the same. I want you to see if there is something you can change (not necessarily body) something that makes you a better person for it.

Go for it & tell me what ya going to try to do!!





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